Dr. Thanut Valleenukul

Specialty: Spine Institute - Spine Institute, Spine Surgery
Orthopaedics (Bone) - Orthopaedics (Bone), Foot & Ankle Surgery
Orthopaedics (Bone)
Language Spoken: Spoken: English, Thai
Medical School:
- M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand, 1992
Board Certifications:
- Diploma of The Thai Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 1999
- Foor and Ankle Surgery, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2000
- Spine Surgery, Saint John's Hosptal, Sanata Monica, California, USA, 2001
- Pediatric Orthpaedics and Spinal Deformity, University of Iowa Health Care, USA, 2002-2003
- Foot and Ankle Surgery, University of Iowa Health Care, USA, 2003
Special Clinical Trainings:
- Foot and Ankle, Spine, Pediatric Orthopaedics
Membership of North American Spine Society
Membership of American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society
Membership of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Associations
Membership of Cervical Spine Research Society
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Day Time Location
Mon217:00 - 20:0017:0020:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)
Tue309:00 - 12:0009:0012:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)
Tue313:00 - 20:0013:0020:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)
Wed409:00 - 12:0009:0012:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)
Fri617:00 - 20:0017:0020:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)
Sat716:00 - 20:0016:0020:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)
Sun115:00 - 18:0015:0018:00NS 20B (Orthopaedic Center)