Bumrungrad International Invests in One of the Top Hospitals in Mongolia

April 03, 2014

Thai hospital famous for medical tourism sees potential for emerging private hospital sector in fast-growing Mongolian economy—plus referrals to its home base in Bangkok.

Bangkok, 28 March 2014
– Bumrungrad Hospital PLC (BH) announced today that it has acquired, through its investment subsidiaries, a controlling interest in Ulaanbaatar Songdo Hospital (UBSD), one of the leading hospitals in the capitol of Mongolia. The hospital opened 6½ years ago in the city’s central business district. Under the direction of one of the country’s top cardiac surgeons, Dr. Boldsaikhan Bundan, UBSD established a reputation as an advanced hospital for Mongolians seeking higher quality medical care. UBSD offers 98 beds, diagnostic imaging, and 60 doctors representing major medical specialties for both inpatient and outpatient care.


Mongolia has extensive mineral resources and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies (averaging +10% annually since 2010). Bumrungrad was familiar with the country’s growing demand for higher quality healthcare; for several years it has been one of the main destinations for Mongolians seeking overseas treatment. It sees the acquisition as an opportunity to participate in significant growth in Mongolia’s healthcare sector, as well as capturing a larger share of the complicated cases referred to international hospitals.
“Mongolia’s growth has not gone unnoticed,” said Dennis Brown, Bumrungrad’s Corporate CEO. “Hospitals in Korea and Singapore have targeted it for referrals. Most Mongolians with serious medical problems, who could afford overseas treatment, would be seen at UBSD, since it is the leading private hospital in the country. This gives us an excellent opportunity to work with UB Songdo Hospital to expand their diagnostic and treatment services and coordinate tertiary referrals at the source.”
Bumrungrad and Dr. Boldsaikhan also expect the Thai hospital’s management expertise will support UBSD’s continued move to global best practice in hospital operations. Teams of Bumrungrad doctors and administrators have visited the hospital and noted many opportunities to work with Songdo to improve operational efficiency, facility design, and service. “Our involvement with the management of UBSD and its association with the Bumrungrad brand – one of the most well-known and respected medical brands in Asia – should help it stay a preferred medical center for Mongolians and to become a destination for patients in the region,” said Brown. “We look forward to providing an excellent standard of care to Mongolians, both in their own country, and, when needed, at our campus in Bangkok.” 
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