Ultra efficient; simply amazing

Thatʼs what someone who has written in to the NST is suggesting.

It is a time-consuming chore as the patient has to wait for almost an hour to get a queue number before paying the RM1. He then waits for two hours before he is examined by the doctor and spends another hour in the hospital pharmacy to get his medicine.
All in all, the patient needs about four hours to go through the process of making payment, seeing the doctor and getting his medication.
If the RM1 fee is waived, the patient will save an hour of waiting time immediately and heʼll only need to spend three hours in the hospital instead of four.

I think this person is sadly mistaken. Even if you do away with the RM1, you still have to queue to get a number, and then wait to see the doctor, then wait to make payment and follow-up appointment, and then wait to collect the medicines.
One way queues can be reduced would be the efficient use of IT in a hospital. One hospital which does so is the Bumrungrad hospital in Thailand which is so ultra-efficient it beats anything in Malaysia and Singapore! Their out-patient service is so efficient their daily turnover is simply amazing.
At the end of the day itʼs effective management and how one implements modern technology which can make the difference

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