Nursing staff is always smiling to make you comfortable

The first thing you notice here is the number of trained staff. How kind and interested they are in you and how much service the nursing staff provide alway with a smile and alway to make patients comfortable.

I arrived here at midnight, Friday, I was admitted and in bed by 1.30. In that 90 minutes I had had many blood tests & X-ray. This hospital had the staff to process the tests and, when I woke up there were 3 specialist doctors with the results at most tests. This meant that my treatment started immediately.

On Friday I could only walk associated by 2 people. By Sunday, I could shower myself, and by Tuesday I could walk freely and was able to walk around the hospital.

This hospital with facilities and professional, most are internationally trained, is to me the best hospital I have never seen anywhere. I would recommend Bumrungrad to anyone and would gladly send my family here for the treatment.

Stephen T.