Neurology: "Thank you for saving a life"

We like to thank everybody in Bumrungrad hospital who was involved the time my husband was treated here. Krijn was brought in with brain bleeding and the neurosurgeons took action right away with a successful operation. Without them he would not have survived. He is recovering very well now and we are wating to fly home.

We like to thank everybody and most Dr. Veerasak, Dr. Dhanit , Dr. Chaiyakiat and Dr. Phillipe'. Wish we had such doctors and hospital in the Netherlands, great organization, knowledge and a patience and kindness 24 hours !!!

We also like to thank Marcia L.Tangsothorn for taking care of us so carefully (Customer Service) OPD, Supervisor) We sure we will miss you all !!!

Sincerely yours,

Krijn and Andy H.