"Feeling ill never felt so good"

After suffering with a fever for three days. I admitted defeat and attened the Bumrungrad International hospital. I didn't yet know it but my temperature was 39.1c. Thank godness the registration procedure was a breeze. No queue, easy form and efficient staff.

Very soon I was being checked over before my consultation with a doctor. She soon diagnosed Benja fever and admitted me immediately. Treatment was also immediate (and effective) within hours I feel much better and a lot cooler !

My ward was a scrupulously clean and calm place. The staff there. as in all time other departments, were refreshingly calm, entirely professional and at all time courteous and friendly.All this and sattellite TV too !

Feeling ill never feel so good, I will almost be sad to leave ! They say every cloud has a silver lining, on this occasion, the Bumrungrad International has most certainly been mine.

Thank you to all !
Paul D.