Hospital response to allegations by author of The American Medical Money Machine

The author of a book recently published by Humonculus Press, Mexico City, makes several disturbing allegations about medical care in Thailand and Bumrungrad in particular. Our response is here.
We categorically reject the author’s baseless allegations, which he has been making for nearly four years. His son’s unfortunate death due to heart failure at the hospital in 2006 has been thoroughly and objectively reviewed by numerous government and independent third parties. There have been no findings of wrongdoing against Bumrungrad hospital, its board members, staff, or physicians.

The author’s conspiracy theories now implicate our hospital, the country of Thailand, Asian doctors, the Joint Commission that accredits American hospitals, US doctors and insurers, the American Association of Retired Persons, and the US government. They grow in scope and hyperbole with each passing year, and do not deserve serious consideration.