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Bumrungrad’s Perinatal Center in Bangkok, Thailand 
offers complete maternal and perinatal services with a focus on the diagnosis and treatment of perinatal disorders. We also provide genetic counseling. Our team of experienced maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists and perinatologists are available to offer support and advice, as well as provide treatment for all prenatal and postnatal conditions.


  1. High-risk pregnancy care
Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists work together to care for women with high-risk pregnancies, including those with diabeteshypertensionkidney disease, pre-eclampsia, as well as women with history of previous pregnancy complications (such as preterm labor or delivery of an underweight baby).
  1. Care of newborns with birth complications
The Level IV Neonatal Intensive Unit (NICU) of Bumrungrad’s Perinatal Center is equipped with qualified medical staff, advanced technologies, and the most up-to-date equipment. Surgery, if necessary, can be performed on-site. Newborns that require intensive care include: 
  • Premature neonates
  • Newborns with low birth weight (less than or equal to 2,500 grams)
  • Multiples
  • Newborns with systematic problems, such as those of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems.
  1. Other services
  • Neonatal transfer: we provide transportation service for newborns less than one month old to another hospital in collaboration with the Emergency Room.
  • Maternal transfer: we offer a referral service for women with high-risk pregnancies.
  • Follow-up program
Bumrungrad’s Perinatal Center offers a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who work together to create and implement a treatment plan. Our team works closely with parents to determine the best care. 
  • Physicians
    • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists
    • Neonatologists
    • Obstetric anesthesiologist and pediatric anesthesiologist
    • Genetic specialists
    • Pathologists and laboratory medicine specialists
    • Relevant specialists such as cardiologist, endocrinologist, hematologist, orthopedist, and pediatric cardiologist.
  • Nursing team consisting of qualified nurses to provide special care during pregnancy and birth, and appropriate neonatal care.
  • Other medical staff
    • Laboratory technicians
    • Pharmacists with specialized training in newborns and infants
In addition to the general equipment essential for the care of newborns, such as ventilators, incubators, and monitors, Bumrungrad’s Perinatal Center is well-equipped with the most advanced medical technology for the care of infants in critical conditions, such as:
  • Blood testing equipment that requires only a tiny amount of an infant’s blood and provides rapid results.
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) that provides cardiac and respiratory support oxygen to babies whose hearts and lungs are unable to perform their functions.
  • High frequency oscillator ventilation (HFOV) for newborns with respiratory complications, facilitating breathing with active pressure.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tuangsit Wataganara


OB/GYN - Maternal & Fetal Medicine
OB/GYN - Minimally Invasive Surgery

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