Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand is a recognized center of excellence in neurology. We provide a complete array of diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and rehabilitation services for comprehensive treatment and management of neurological disorders.

Over 25 neurologists and neurosurgeons specialize in everything from memory disorders to brain surgery. These doctors have studied in top Thai and international institutions, in countries such as United States, England, Canada, and Australia. In addition, Bumrungrad has a large staff of rehabilitation doctors and therapists to help patients regain functionality during recovery.
The  Neuroscience Center has two main branches:

Neurology (including Stroke)

  • The neurology and memory clinic deal with investigation and medicine-based treatment of neurological conditions.


  • Neurosurgery deals with surgical treatments of neurological and spine conditions.
The doctors and staff of these departments are usually the first line investigators of neurological symptoms. Based upon the results of their investigations, you may be referred to a neurosurgeon if the disease is determined to be treatable through surgical methods.
Bumrungrad’s Neuroscience Center has two very specialized clinics:
  • Stroke Clinic – Our Stroke Clinic has been awarded JCI Accreditation for exemplary treatment of stroke, certifying that the hospital's programs meet international standards and follow the latest US clinical guidelines. The clinic has in-depth experience dealing with both ischemic and hemorrhagic forms of stroke.
  • Memory Clinic – Our Memory Clinic specializes in working with those impaired by dementia and memory disorders as well as Alzheimer's.
  • Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic - Our Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic offers a full range of diagnostic services and medical treatments for patients with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. 
Our Neurology specialists also focus on the following diseases:
Bumrungrad’s Neuroscience Center offers a team of neurosurgeons to provide advice and treatment for patients with neurological disorders who need surgical treatments. Common conditions treated by these surgeons include cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumors, cerebral aneurysm, and spine disorders. These tend to be serious conditions and our specialists will consider which approach offers the best balance of safety and benefits.
A rehabilitation team of physical and occupational therapists will guide you through the recovery process and advise you on illness management. The Neuroscience Center coordinates with the hospital’s Rehabilitation Center to plan a targeted rehabilitation program that helps regain function and control of your movement. In addition, dieticians will work with you to help control your risk of stroke.
The nurses at the center provide educational sessions for stroke and epilepsy patients and their families. Our nurses help you to understand your health situation and how you can reduce the risk of further problems.

Bumrungrad’s Neuroscience Center provides technologies for investigation of neurological disorders such as:
  • EEG (electroencephalography)
  • EMG (electromyography)
  • Advanced EEG Monitoring for Epilepsy
  • MRI & MRA
  • Spiral CT / 3D CT

Asst.Prof.Dr. Peerapong Montriwiwatchai


Neurosurgery - Spine Surgery
Spine Institute - Spine Surgery

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Neurosurgery - Spine Surgery
Spine Institute - Spine Surgery

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