Capsule Endoscopy


Capsule Endoscopy
is used to examine the small intestine section of the digestive system. The patient swallows a small capsule which contains a miniature camera. The capsule then travels to parts of the digestive system similar to a miniature shuttlecraft with a camera and flashlight, photographing and transmitting radio signals to a receiver attached to the patient’s abdomen.

Capsule Endoscopy procedure

The procedure takes about eight hours during which the patient can carry on with normal activities. Capsule endoscopy can detect disorders in the small intestine which is very long and cannot be reached by a gastroscope. Capsule endoscopy gives an accurate diagnosis and the patient suffers no pain. The capsule is then disposed in   normal excretion. It is recommended for cases where there are unknown causes of anemia, chronic diarrhea, unexplained stomach ache and suspected tumors in the small intestine.

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