Calling an Ambulance

Try to stay calm, and speak clearly when asked additional questions by the operator. This will help the patient receive the best ambulance service.

Some questions you may be asked include:

  • Where is the patient?
  • What is the phone number you’re calling from?
  • Are you with the patient right now?
  • Is the patient awake?
  • Is the patient breathing?
  • What is the name, age, gender of the patient?
  • Does the patient have any known medical problems?
  • Is the patient a Bumrungrad patient? If so, what is the Hospital Number?

Taking the time to answer these any other questions will not delay the ambulance response. Help is already on the way while you are providing this information on the phone.

DO NOT hang up before the dispatcher tells you it is okay to do so.


Language Support

If you do not speak English or prefer to speak in your native language, please ask for an interpreter and we will provide one for you. In case of an emergency, it may be best to ask a Thai-speaking person nearby to speak to the dispatcher and explain exactly where you are, so the ambulance can arrive without delay. While the ambulance is on the way, we’ll get an interpreter to help answer the remaining questions about the patient’s condition.

When should you call an ambulance?

Instead of driving to the hospital for emergency care, there are times when an ambulance may be more appropriate.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is it life-threatening?
  • Could the condition get worse and become life-threatening on the way to hospital?
  • Could moving the patient cause further injury?
  • Are the skills and equipment of emergency medical personnel needed in this situation?
  • Would distance or traffic conditions cause a dangerous delay in getting to the hospital?
  • 時間体制の救急医オンサイト・チーム
    • 救急医療と航空医療
    • 外科手術
    • 麻酔学
    • 心臓病学
    • 小児科
    • 産婦人科
    • 一般内科
    • 集中治療
  • 上級心臓救命訓練 (ACLS) を受けた看護師
  • 24 時間体制の手術チーム
  • 新生児集中治療 (NICU) 輸送チーム: 国内および海外
  • 航空医療救助チーム
    • 防衛大学で救急医療救助訓練を受けている
    • 救助チームはインドシナ半島全域に対応し、24 時間体制で待機
  • マルチ・システムの医療・外科外傷治療
  • 心臓専門センターでの 24 時間救急心臓カテーテル
  • 24 時間の救急治療室
  • 外傷センター
  • 産婦人科および眼科検査のためのプライベートな検査室
  • 観察室
  • 救急車と救急治療移送隊
  • 「グローブトロッター」新生児集中治療輸送モジュール
  • 有免許の医療ヘリポートとヘリコプター設備
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Contact Number

  • 救急センター
    Tel. +66 (0) 2066 5222
  • Tele-Consultation with Doctor Click

Service Hours

  • 救急センター
    毎日: 24時間
  • Service hours for centers/clinics may change without prior notice due to safety protocols put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, we ask that you please schedule your appointments in advance or call to recheck service hours before travelling to the hospital. Tel. 1378 (local calls only)


  • 救急センター
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