FRESH is the Name of the Game!

Join us at this year’s Living in Bangkok event as we celebrate the many ingredients that make up a FRESH life, from the fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s market to the newest and latest trends that pop up every day in Bangkok. As you walk into Living in Bangkok, make sure you register and get your passport, which will have a handy map of everything we’ve prepared for you, as well as your game tracker, which doubles as your raffle prize entry form. How to Play the FRESH Game

  1. Your passport contains 5 pictures. What are they?
  2. Look around Living in Bangkok to find dolls resembling the 5 pictures on your passport.
  3. Take a photo and ask for a sticker!
  4. Repeat the process until your passport spells the word we’re all loving at the moment.
  5. Turn in your FRESH passport into the raffle box and listen for your name to be called at the lucky draw!