In a city where new trends are always popping up, an annual event that continues to draw crowds two decades later is worth noting. Perhaps this success is due to the fact that Living in Bangkok is about more than just bringing expats together once a year, it’s about building a community and empowering people to connect with their new city. The objective of Living in Bangkok remains as straightforward as the day it started: to connect with, and to support our local community.



How it All Started

In its infancy, Living in Bangkok sought to achieve this goal through helping newcomers settle into their new life in Bangkok by bringing local businesses, schools, and other community organizations together with the public. In a fun and informative day that combines entertainment with networking and shopping, Living in Bangkok seeks to help people become more engaged members of their Bangkok community. Creating an integrated community and a forum for expats is at the heart of the Living in Bangkok philosophy. Newly-arrived expats are welcomed into a vibrant environment where they can immediately feel at home in Bangkok and make friends from all over the world.



From a Gathering of a Few Friends to Connecting a City

Originally inspired by expats who first came together to help each other survive in their new home, the event today focuses on introducing newcomers to the best of what the modern and cosmopolitan Bangkok has to offer. Featuring a diverse collection of vendors as well as a variety of performances and workshops, Living in Bangkok introduces social and volunteer opportunities; lifestyle, travel and hospitality services; educational establishments; specialized retailers; and more to the people who come to spend their Saturday mingling with other international residents.
Since its humble beginnings as a gathering of a few friends, Living in Bangkok has grown every year and now attracts thousands of expats and local residents every year. However, no matter how popular it becomes, the story of Living in Bangkok remains that of a grassroots community event that traces its roots back to a garage sale among friends.

Fresh Days Ahead

This year’s Living in Bangkok is focused on the theme of freshening up our perspectives. Whether you’ve been in Bangkok for years, months, or days, a fresh take on the unique life of a Bangkok expat is always welcome. In addition to the usual fare of Living in Bangkok, expect to have access to the latest in food trends, fresh and organic produce from the farm, locally produced coffee and juice, fine Italian cheese made from imported dairy products, and some of the best bread and pastries you’ll taste all year. In addition, the Bangkok Farmers’ Market is also home to the best handmade crafts and personal care products such as organic soaps made at home, homeopathy products such as tinctures and essential oils, beautiful homewares made from local teak wood, and much more.




Inspired by the Expat Community

The handmade products created by our artisan partners are as wide and varied in scope as are their origins, location and cultures. This exchange of cultural diversity is one of the best things about attending Living in Bangkok. It’s a chance to really dive into the Bangkok community, and become an active participant in the many tastes and textures that make up our unique life in Bangkok.
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