are small growths on the skin caused by an overgrowth of cells in the dermis layer of the skin. The growths are normally reddish or brown. It is common for people who develop dermatofibromas to have more than one growth on the body. They do not cause any negative health effects and are always harmless. They are non-cancerous.

The exact causes are not known. In some cases, the growths often develop after some type of trauma to the skin, such as an insect bite or cut. 
Dermatofibromas rarely cause any symptoms.
  • The growths are normally reddish or brown and the color changes over time.
  • The growths can occur anywhere on the body, but appear more often on the legs.
  • They are usually small, between 3-10 millimeters.
They can be itchy.
However, if the growth is abnormal, please seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms generally include:
  • Rapid increase in size
  • They are lumps on the skin and often bleed if damaged.
The doctor will ask about the patient’s symptoms and medical history. Diagnosis can be made after a visual inspection. If there is any doubt about the lump, a local anesthetic will be injected and the bump can be removed for examination.
Dermatofibromas do not go away on their own. Treatment can be considered if they get in the way or cause irritation or for cosmetic reasons.
  • Surgical Excision A local anesthetic will be injected and the lump can then be removed. Since dermatofibromas grow so deeply, this method normally leaves a scar.
  • Freezing Liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze and destroy the growth. This method normally leaves a white scar and the nodule can grow back again after several years.
There is no known way of preventing dermatofibromas from developing.

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