Colorectal Surgery Center

Center for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal conditions

The colon is responsible for the absorption of fluids and electrolytes as well as eliminating waste from the body. The large intestine is home to a large number of bacteria that aid in digestion, absorb nutrients, produce many important vitamins, and maintains the balance of acids and alkalis in the body. If the colon and rectum do not function properly, symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, or bloody stools may occur.

The aforementioned symptoms are commonly associated with diseases of the colon and rectum. Some diseases can be severe and life threatening, while others not so severe but have the potential of negatively affecting a patient’s life. Oftentimes, people are too embarrassed or afraid to see the doctor that they only go in after more severe symptoms present or they reach the point where the pain is so unbearable that they can no longer endure it. However, this is not recommended, and research has shown that early detection and treatment of disease is effective. Some conditions such as hemorrhoids can even be treated without surgery. 

The Colorectal Surgery Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital offers assessments, diagnoses, and treatments of conditions affecting the colon and rectum. Our team of expert colorectal specialists are trained and experienced in colorectal conditions and diseases, and work alongside other experienced specialists including specialist nurses and radiologists. Our hospital’s expert doctors and staff provide high quality medical services to every patient. 


Services include assessments, diagnoses, and potentially surgical treatments of conditions of all types affecting the colon and rectum, including:
  • Hemorrhoid surgery through modern methods 
  • Anal abscess and anal fistula surgery without damage to the anal sphincter   
  • Diagnostic colonoscopy
  • Laparoscopic surgery / advanced endoscopic procedure 
  • Robotic-assisted colorectal cancer surgery 
Common Conditions We Treat
  • Colorectal cancer 
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Anal fistulas and anal abscesses 
  • Anal fissures 
  • Rectal prolapse 
  • STDs involving the rectum 
  • Impaired pelvic floor muscle conditions, such as constipation or fecal incontinence 

The Colorectal Surgery Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital consists of a team of experienced doctors who specialize in conditions of the colon and rectum. Our team is also comprised of the inventors of the technique known as “LIFT technique,” which is a non-invasive surgical technique for the treatment of fistula-in-ano. The technique is currently the most widely used technique of its kind worldwide. Each year, many people from around the world visit Bumrungrad for successful treatment due to the LIFT technique. 
Modern, state-of-the-art equipment utilized at the center:
  • High-definition colonoscopy with magnifying narrow band imaging
  • MR defecography  
  • High-resolution anorectal manometry   
  • Colonic transit time   

Contact Number

            Tel. ​+662-211-2351  
  • Tele-Consultation with Doctor Click

Service Hours

  • Colorectal Surgery Center
           08.00 – 18.00 hrs. 


  • Colorectal Surgery Center
        3rd floor, Building B, North wing
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