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Appointment Penting: Harap dicatat lembaran ini hanya untuk appointment secara reguler. Untuk appointment yang penting, mohon telpon rumah sakit di: Internasional +66 2011 2222 Domestik 02 011 2222
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Syarat penggunaan
By submitting this appointment form, I agree that:
  1. Making an appointment on this website with a Bumrungrad International hospital physician is for scheduling only. Bumrungrad International, its employees, any physician or clinician with whom an appointment has been made by use of this website has not agreed to provide the undersigned with any medical advice, diagnostic or therapeutic procedure until the undersigned has registered in person at Bumrungrad International hospital.
  2. For the hotel reservation process, when the customer submit the information for hotel reservation, the information will be sent directly to the hotel chosen by the customer to make reservation which send only the information required to make hotel reservation, no information of customer treatment or diagnosis. However, Bumrungrad International Hospital acts only as a facilitator and a liaison between the customer and hotel. The hospital does not involve, in any way, with the hotel selection process; the consideration process; and is not responsible for the process. Therefore, Bumrungrad International Hospital will not be liable for any damages caused by this hotel reservation process.
  3. Any dispute or claim (including injury claims) related to health care services received from Bumrungrad International that is not resolved by mutual agreement is subject to Thai law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate court in Thailand.
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Waktu Tanggapan: Bumrungrad akan menjawab dalam waktu 48 jam untuk permintaan appointment saat ini
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