Bumrungrad plans our direction in 2022 - shifting the future of healthcare

Februari 25, 2022

Bumrungrad used the occasion of our recent important press conference, “Bumrungrad: Shifting the Future of Healthcare” to announce our vision and future direction.

Bumrungrad used the occasion of our recent important press conference, “Bumrungrad: Shifting the Future of Healthcare” to announce our vision and future direction. Bumrungrad has maintained the international standards of safety, which have been key to the brand for more than 42 years. With our medical advancement and innovative technology. Bumrungrad is now ready to drive the medical healthcare industry in Thailand—maximizing its strength as an internationally recognized medical and wellness destination.


Pharmacist Artirat Charukitpipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital, reveals, “Moving forward to response to an important global healthcare trend, Bumrungrad is determined to be the leader of implementation of Smart Healthcare 5.0 to provide holistic medical care to our patients. We will always comply with international standards of safety while extending our services to provide long term medical care to our lifetime value health partners of all ages for community wellbeing. Regarding our future direction, Bumrungrad is devoted to improving quaternary care and expanding our centers of excellence to develop expertise in the treatment of every complex medical condition. Our multidisciplinary teams of medical professionals work together to deliver the best treatment. Our strengths lie in the 3C’s and 1W of Quality Care; 1) Critical care 2) Complicated care 3) Collaboration of Expertise 4) Wellness and Prevention.” 




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taveesin Tanprayoon, Chief Medical Officer of Bumrungrad International Hospital, adds, “In the year 2022, Bumrungrad will focus on two medical advancements: robotic surgery and genetic testing.  We adopted robotic assisted surgery, using the da Vinci surgical system to perform operations on multiple organ systems. We also provide comprehensive genomic and genetic testing to assess the risks of developing hereditary conditions as well as to actively prevent some, like cancer and coronary artery disease. The comprehensive genomic and genetic testing also helps with pregnancy plans and prevents natal genetic disorders. Such information helps us prevent harmful reactions to certain medications, so physicians can choose the best medication or alternative for each patient. Robotic surgery and genetic testing are the medical trends. Bumrungrad will reinforce from now on to strengthen our medical care and treatment.” 


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