Patient Finance and Insurance Information


Patient Finance and Insurance Information

At Bumrungrad Hospital, we intend to make our patient’s experience with us a satisfying one.

Our pricing policy is transparent and price estimation is provided for procedures. Care is customized, therefore, the cost of treatment will vary among patients. The estimated price represents a possible range of costs only and should not be interpreted as the actual costs of treatment. Pre and post procedure expenses, complication, underlying problems, and home medication, are excluded from the price estimate and will be the responsibility of patient upon discharge date. Medical expenses not covered by a Third Party Payor will be the responsibility of patient upon discharge date.

For self-pay patients, we discuss the costs of procedures and any high cost treatment with our patients before the care begins. Full deposit is required for all procedures including CT/MRI/PET Scan. Initial deposit as estimated is also required for General Medicine Admissions. Once the procedure is done and if there is excess deposit, the money will be refunded to patient. We will also refund in full if the procedure is cancelled in advance unless specified otherwise.

If payment is by credit card, the refund will be through credit line which is subject to the exchange rate of the date of refund. If payment is by cash/debit card, the refund will be by cash or money transfer. All wire transfer refund is subject to bank service charge, exchange rate, the difference of the bank buying and selling rate of the currency.

There are several payment options that patient can choose from.


Payment Options

  • Payment by cash, credit card and debit card is accepted. Cheques are not accepted except for Cashier Cheque.
  • Wire Transfer can be done from overseas through:
    Bank name: Citibank, N.A.
    Bank address 399 Interchange 21 Building, Sukumvit Road, Klongtoey Nua, Watana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
    Bank telephone number: +66 2896 3000
    Pay to: Bumrungrad Hospital Public Co., Ltd.
    Hospital address: 33 Sukhumvit Soi3, Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
    Saving account: 5-550639-019
    Swift number: CITITHBX


    In order to confirm the transfer promprtly, please specify the patient's name and Hospital Number (HN) on the pay-in slip. Once the transfer is completed, please ask the bank for the SWIFT MT103 notification form and fax or email it to the hospital at:

    Office Fax number Email
    Admission +66 2011 2182 [email protected]
    IPD Office +66 2011 2963 [email protected]
    In Patient +66 2011 2999 [email protected]
    Out Patient +66 2011 3269 [email protected]
    Out Patient +66 2011 2499 [email protected]
    TPPS In Patient +66 2011 2299 [email protected]


  • E-Payment: Bumrungrad Hospital has set up an alternative way for patient to pay medical bill through an on-line system or "E-payment" in order to facilitate the payment process. The E-payment method is safe, fast and accurate. Patient/relative/friend can easily pay the bill or make deposit through on-line system without coming to the hospital. There is no service charge for the E-payment. Patients who choose to pay through E-payment can just inform the cashier. The E-payment link will then be sent to the e-mail address of the patient/relative/friend. Only VISA and MasterCard are welcome for this type of payment.
  • Western Union is a financial service company that offers person-to-person money transfer (plus fee) that can be done the next day or within the day. It has agent locations all over the world.
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization. Relatives and friends can authorize Bumrungrad Hospital to charge his/her credit card without being present at the hospital by scanning and sending the following documents to the related department.
    1. A copy of the credit card that is still valid both front and back. Please specify the security code (three digit number) on the copy and certify by writing ‘Correct Copy’ and sign.
    2. A copy of the passport that is still valid/official ID card with photo/Driver’s license. Please certify by writing ‘Correct Copy’ and sign.
    3. A consent letter authorizing Bumrungrad Hospital to charge your credit card. Please see example below.

      "I herewith authorize Bumrungrad Hospital to charge my credit card number: .................................................., security code (three digit number): ..............., expiration date: ......................... to pay for th medical expenses of Mr./Mrs./Ms.: .................................................. Hospital Number (HN): .............................. in the amount of
      .............................. (numerical and written amount). Please sign your name and date."

      *American Express and Diners Club credit card are not accepted for this type of payment.
  • Alipay/WeChat



  1. Always make payment directly to cashier at the cashier counter only, unless payment is done by e-payment or money transfer. Bumrungrad does not have policy allowing staffs to handle patient’s financial transaction on patient’s behalf. Hospital will not be responsible for any financial transaction that is done between patient/patient’s relative/patient’s representative and Bumrungrad staff personally.
  2. Transfer process may take days/week(s) depending on each bank. In order to avoid delay of service, please check with your bank.
  3. Patient is responsible for the exchange rate and the bank service fee when doing wire transfer.
  4. Money transferred is strictly for medical use only. Please do not transfer extra money for personal use.
  5. While being admitted, medical expenses will be updated every 3 days and additional deposit may be required.
  6. Itemized details are provided upon request.
  7. Before travelling outside your country, inform the Bank issuer of your credit card. Please check credit limit since extension of the credit limit may be needed. Inform the Bank about the price estimate that you received from the hospital. Confirm with your card provider on any charges that may occur by using the credit card oversea.
  8. The exchange rate will be based on the local bank’s rate. If patient is to be refunded by credit line, it will be refunded in Thai Baht which will be converted into patient’s home currency at the destination bank and it is subject to the bank exchange rate, and the buying and selling rate.
  9. Additional costs are possible, depending on patient’s condition and physician’s treatment plan. Any medical expenses not cover by the third party, will be the responsibility of the patient. Payment is due upon discharge.
  10. There are several Representative Office oversea to help provide information and arrange appointment for medical travelers at no cost.


Refund Policy

  1. If medical expense is less than deposit, patient can contact cashier to receive refund once treatment is done.
  2. Cancellation of procedure/surgery, patient will receive full refund right away unless the cash refund amount is high, patient will be refunded the next day the latest (please also see no refund policy below).
  3. Patient will receive full refund once patient returns the borrowed patient uniform, medical equipment, wheel chair, oxygen tank, blood glucose meter, etc., unless there is damage to the items rented or borrowed.
  4. Hospital receives Guarantee Letter from embassy to cover for all treatments after patient deposited. If hospital receive partial guarantee, partial deposit will be kept pending on extended guarantee.
  5. Refund on non-contract insurance deposit will be refunded once hospital receives payment from contracted insurance within 30 days. Refund amount depends on the amount guaranteed.
  6. Hospital receives letter of guarantee from contracted insurance after patient deposited in full and discharged. Refund amount depends on the amount guaranteed. Hospital will contact patient to inform about the guarantee and patient can contact cashier at any time to get the deposit refund.
  7. Deposit/payment paid by cash, debit card, money transfer, Alipay/WeChat will be refunded by cash or money transfer. Payment paid by credit card will be refunded through credit line which may take up to 3-4 weeks, depending on the cycle of the credit card statement.
  8. If patient wish to receive cash refund when paid by credit card, credit card commission of 2-3% (depending on the type of credit card), and VAT 7% will apply.
  9. Original receipt must be returned to Finance for refund.
  10. Cash refund will be refunded back to patient. If relative/representative/friend wish to receive the cash refund on patient’s behalf, must present consent letter from patient authorizing relative/representative/friend along with signed copy of a valid passport to collect the cash refund. The recipient of the cash refund must also provide a copy of a valid passport for identification.


No Refund Policy

  1. There will be no refund on the procedures that we have to prepare medication in advance or for medication that has to be ordered from oversea especially for the patient such as chemo medication. Patient will be informed beforehand.
  2. Once procedure started but patient decides to stop the procedure, any medical expenses incurred after the visit was opened shall be the responsible of the patient.
  3. There will be no refund if the borrowed or rental item was not returned or damaged.
  4. There will be no refund on pharmacy and medical supplies.
  5. There will be no refund on any online purchase


Insurance Information

Bumrungrad International has contract with major insurance companies. Please check here for the list of the contracted companies. Always present your insurance card at our Registration. If there is a change of insurance company, please notify us.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, for flight accidents, losses incurred while traveling. Please study the coverage types and ensure your policy covers your needs. For medical travelers, standard travel insurance may not cover complication during or as a result of treatment. Medical tourism complications insurance should be considered. As it is designed for travelers seeking medical treatment internationally. Some policies protect you by covering medical treatment complications that may arise.


Advice for Medical Travelers

  1. Contact your insurance company if they will cover treatment overseas.
  2. Check if you have to pay out of pocket and file reimbursement afterwards.
  3. If you have pre-existing condition, confirm with your insurance if the treatment will be covered.
  4. Find out about your deductibles, co-insurance and the maximum amount of medical coverage.
  5. Check hospital website on the list of contracted insurance company. For any inquiry, contact our Third Party Payor department at [email protected].


Hospital policy on insured patient

Non-Contracted Insurance

  1. There is no direct billing on OPD visits with non-contracted insurance. Patient will have to pay in full amount. Hospital will provide documents needed and the patient files claim with insurance directly.
  2. For admission, patient pays deposit in full amount as indicate on the Price Estimate Letter prior to / or upon admission. Hospital will coordinate with insurance company to get a letter of guarantee from contracted insurance company or contracted Assistant company. If the hospital does not get the letter of guarantee by the discharge date, patient will be responsible for the full amount and can file claim directly with insurance company for reimbursement. Hospital will refund the patient once we receive the full payment from the contracted insurance company within 30 days.

Contract Insurance

  1. For OPD visit that has direct billing, hospital will either check insurance benefits from insurance website or contact insurance company for letter of guarantee.
  2. For any procedure that needs pre-authorization such as CT/MRI, our Third Party Payor department will contact the insurance company for pre-authorization letter
  3. Patient will be asked to pay a deposit if there is no letter of guarantee from insurance within 48 hours.
  4. If hospital does not get the letter of guarantee on the discharge date, patient will be responsible for the bill in full amount.
  5. The deposit will be refunded if hospital gets the letter of guarantee before or on the discharge date.
  6. Any excess, deductible, co-payment, are the patient’s responsibility.