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Medical Tourism: Overseas and Under the Knife| November, 2013

The Rise of Surgical Tourism: 
Over the past decade, medical tourism has become big business, complete with packages, resort-like accommodations, and travel agents. There are now 100 or more specialty companies, like PlanetHospital, 360 Global Health, and MedVoy, that pair patients with overseas surgeons and hospitals, charging them a percentage of the overall procedure costs. They usually offer trips to major health care facilities – like Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok

Source: Men's Journal

Thailand the top destination for medical tourists| November, 2013

The largest private hospital in Southeast Asia, Bumrungrad is the unofficial leader of medical tourism in Thailand, itself the most popular destination for medical travelers in the world, though accurate data on this fast-growing industry remain elusive

Source:  Canadian Medical Assoc Journal (CMAJ)

Top 10 Global Hospitals| November, 2013

Bumrungrad International hospital has been named one of the most reputed names in Top 10 Global Hospitals by 

"Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand: It is probably best known for medical tourism, and is the biggest private hospital in Southeast Asia. It treats over a million patients every year, and has its own travel agency for extending visas and providing translators for foreigners. Internationally accredited, the Bumrungrad International Hospital boasts of world class luxurious facilities. It accomplished the Thailand Quality Class Recognition Award in 2008, and has won a number of accolades internationally. The hospital represents virtually of all the specialties and subspecialties of medicine, and is regarded as a "one-stop" centre for medical services internationally."

Thailand: Medical hub for Nepalis

Thailand: Medical hub for Nepalis | April, 2013

The number of Nepali medical tourists visiting Thailand has increased in recent days. The first class hospitals, high class medical technology, top-class physicians and significantly lower treatment costs have attracted many Nepali medical tourists.


Source: The Himalaya Times

Patients Beyond Borders features Bumrungrad in their “Focus On” series about top international hospitals.| February, 2013

 Bumrungrad International is today, in my opinion, a candidate for the title of
“Hospital to the World.” Its management team has worked nearly 15 years to attain a
balance between quality, customer service, and price. As more international hospitals
around the globe work to achieve this enviable position, we’ll begin to see a truly
globalized provider community, one that patients can trust to offer top-quality medical
services, cost and outcomes transparency, and excellent customer care. Speaking as a
patient and a healthcare consumer advocate, that’s good news.

10 Top Health Care Destinations for 2012 | February, 2013

As U.S. health care costs continue to rise and the options for quality care overseas become more widely understood, I'm often asked -- by the media, in conferences and lectures, by friends and acquaintances -- "Where's the best place in the world to go for medical care?"

Accidental Tourist: Visiting the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok| January, 2013

Among overseas medical destinations, no facility is mentioned more than Bumrungrad (last syllable rhymes with “hot”) Hospital. Bumrungrad is a privately owned but publicly traded 550 bed acute care hospital in central Bangkok. On a recent trip to Thailand, I stopped at Bumrungrad to find out what all the shouting was about and was really impressed with what I saw.

Looking abroad for healthcare| December, 2012

The 35-year-old Beijing white-collar worker traveled to Bangkok in October for skin laser surgery to rejuvenate her appearance at Bumrungrad International Hospital, one of the world's top 10 multiple-specialty medical centers targeting patients globally.

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Medical Tourism Is A Massive Opportunity For Emerging Nations Like Thailand| November, 2012

Medical tourism isn’t a new concept – Switzerland has been a mecca to foreigners for over 100 years by offering superior health care. Interestingly, a more recent trend of emerging, and even frontier, nations developing medical tourism industries has sprouted.

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Medical Tourism: 1 In 3 Open To Traveling For Treatments, Poll Finds | November, 2012

Looking for an affordable face lift without breaking the bank? Want to combine a tummy tuck with two weeks in the sun? You're not alone.

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