Bumrungrad Anywhere


What is Bumrungrad Anywhere?

“Bumrungrad Anywhere” is a mobile application powered by Doctor Raksa, delivering instant telemedicine services. The App enables access to physicians via mobile phone, or tablet, allowing immediate consultation, in real time, with a medical practitioner of your choice. A consultation summary is available at the close, along with any diagnosis, recommendations or prescription requirements.

Bumrungrad International Hospital App – Bumrungrad Direct


At what times will this be available?

Patients can now have access to the very best medical advice via Bumrungrad Application, from 7 am to 11 pm, seven days a week. Whether at work or home, hotel or school, while traveling or living in rural areas, you will have the security of knowing you are covered.


Accessing Bumrungrad Anywhere.

Bumrungrad Anywhere can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store without charge.
Scan the QR codes or click the links below to download the application.

bumrungrad direct application QR code bumrungrad direct application app store bumrungrad direct application google store


To register, enter your hospital number (H/N) and an OTP will be sent to your registered phone number and/or email for confirmation.


What is the fee for using this?

The consultation fee is THB 500 (about 16 USD) for 15 minutes payable via the App (credit card or bank transfer) at the time of use. Should more time be required, an alert will show and additional time can be secured at the same rate.


Contacting a doctor via Bumrungrad Anywhere.

  • Select the physician from those on duty. Their photo can be viewed, along with specific training and certifications, and even how past patients have rated them, backed by numerous reviews.
  • Input your symptoms using the helpful prompts as required.
  • Request a consultation, either by text, voice, or video call from your phone, tablet or desktop. 
  • Within minutes, you’ll receive a reply.


Which physicians are available via Bumrungrad Anywhere?

Physicians from each specialty at Bumrungrad will be available on ‘Bumrungrad Anywhere’ as we ramp up the service, starting with GPs, obstetrics and gynecologists, pediatrics, internal medicine and urology.


Do I have to be registered at Bumrungrad before using the Raksa-powered Bumrungrad Anywhere?

‘Bumrungrad Anywhere’ is available to everyone, and no previous registration as a patient at Bumrungrad International Hospital is required. But registration using your Bumrungrad H/N number is required for the doctor to access your medical history at Bumrungrad.


During my consultation, will the doctor have access to my medical records?

If you have been a recent patient at Bumrungrad, the doctor will have full access to your information so that they can make as thorough an assessment and diagnosis as possible. It is essential that the doctor is aware of any medication you may be on, your allergies and previous medical history.


What if the doctor advises further treatment?

Often, the doctor can consult, diagnose and subscribe for conditions via the application, however, if they think it necessary, you may be advised to visit Bumrungrad International or your local hospital for further examination or tests.


Can I leave a review after my consultation?

Yes, you will be invited to grade the service you’ve received and to leave a written review.


How did Bumrungrad Anywhere transpire?

“Doctor Raksa was founded in 2016, aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry in Thailand by offering access to affordable, convenient, on-demand, and secure mobile-based healthcare. Raksa combined proven telemedicine technologies with business model innovations to improve access to medical providers, reduce healthcare costs, and make the experience of seeing a doctor more convenient, and affordable. As of April, 2019, Doctor Raksa has delivered telemedicine to over 35,000 consumers throughout Thailand. Bumrungrad International has paired the Raksa technology with their general physicians and specialists to offer premium healthcare conveniently at your fingertips.