Vendor Access to Bumrungrad Information Systems

External parties that require access to Bumrungrad systems will be provided wth a unique indiviual user logon account.

Before access is granted all vendors must acknowledge that they will comply with our Vendor Access Control Procedure policy and all related policies and procedures.

All vendors must comply with the following policies and procedures:

 Name:  Last Revision:  Reference:
 Vendor Access Control Procedure  08 Sep 2017  ITS 1.12
 Information Security and Acceptable Use  20 Oct 2017  HAP 1.14
 Remote Connection  28 Oct 2016  ITS 1.10
 Change Management  02 Oct 2017  ITS 1.09
 Confidentaility of Hospital Information  01 Mar 2017  HAP 1.03


Vendors who work on-site must also comply with the following additional policies and procedures:

 Name:  Last Revision:  Reference:
 Server Room Code of Conduct  02 May 2017  ITS 1.16
 Code 11: Evacuation  15 Apr 2017  HAP 1.82
 Safety  01 Dec 2016   HAP 1.80 
 No Smoking  15 Mar 2017  HAP 1.11


The information displayed on this webpage or in any attachment is the property of Bumrungrad Hospital Public Co., Ltd. and is intended for the use of Bumrungrad Hospital employees and authorized partners/vendors only.

The information and material contained on this webpage is confidential, and must not be distributed without express permission of the Bumrungrad Hospital CIO or Corporate CIO.