What are the risks of a Chemical Peel?

If you have oral herpes, gain the approval of your primary physician and seek a prescription for oral acyclovir. If you have a break out during your healing period, it can spread to your entire face and result in severe and permanent scarring.

Be careful of crusting or excessive weeping.  In AHA peels you may think this is normal but there is a borderline appearance that you must watch out for.  Ask your skincare specialist for specifics regarding what to look for.  If for a typical AHA peel, you should feel and look normal within 3-4 days.  For deeper peels your downtime may take weeks and then months for complete recovery.

If you experience pain in areas of the face, contact your surgeon or skin care specialist immediately - particularly if you are prone to cold sores - blisters that form will need to be treated immediately.

Hyperpigmentations (excessive coloration) and hypopigmentation (lack of pigmentation) can be problematic of misdiagnosed skin types, failure to reveal any skin problems or ethnicity and improper post-peel care.  Infection is uncommon but possible so keep an eye out for redness and pain.

Scarring is a problem if the above is experienced so please adhere to your post-peel instructions to decrease your chances of long-term or permanent, visible signs of damage.