What should I expect post-operatively?

After your surgery your surgeon will have placed a pressure dressing over your eyes and a gauze pad underneath your nose to catch blood and mucous.  You will remove the pressure dressing after a few hours or as specified by your surgeon.  You may become sick from ingested blood during the procedure and vomit, expelling a black mixture of stomach acid and blood.  This will pass as soon as the blood is expelled.  It really isn't that much so you shouldn't be sick for long unless you were under general anesthesia -- you may become sick from this alone. Your doctor can give you special medications to remedy or prevent this. If you continue to vomit and/or run a high fever, contact your doctor immediately.

You nose will be sensitive for approximately a month and a half although patients report no serious pain or discomfort.  However, patients do report the discomfort of breathing with the packing and cast on the nose. Some patients feel claustrophobic feeling as if they cannot breathe.  This feeling widely resembles a head cold or sinus infection.  Only when the cast is removed do you feel slight discomfort, unless you bump it accidentally.