I'm getting a deviated septum and a hump fixed all in one and I wanted to know what kind of scarring I should expect. Also, how long is it after the operation that I'll see good results?

Usually, there is no visible scarring unless it is an open rhinoplasty.  Some surgeons perform all of their rhinoplasties, open -- some, all closed. It solely depends upon the surgeon.  You will find that most surgeons tend to disagree when it comes to technique. They either prefer open or they prefer closed, OR if they are highly skilled, know that it is case-dependent and different patients have different needs.  If it is an open rhinoplasty the scar would be on the columella (the skin that separates the nostrils) sometimes resembling a straight line or  a flattened z.

You can expect swelling, especially in the tip if you are having tip work performed.  The swelling usually begins to subside within the first month but the end result may not be seen until at least 9 months [post-operatively.  Although this time period tends to lean towards a year and over.