How much would a rhinoplasty, without insurance Is the average price range like $5000 to $6000?

It really depends upon your region and the amount of work performed. If you just need a Tiplasty, with no bone work then it can average about $3,800.US. and up. The averages are as follows:

The average prices for rhinoplasty and it's related surgeries: Primary open rhinoplasty $3,152. - $6,500.; Primary closed rhinoplasty $2,879. - $5,800.; Primary Septoplasty/Turbinectomy $3,500. - $6,500.; Secondary open rhinoplasty $7,000. - $9,000.; Secondary closed rhinoplasty $2,643. - $10,000.; with implant: $2,500. - $10,200. Although, fees vary from state to state, region to region. Some more - some less.