It is hard to say, but normally a face lift can last about 10 years. Of course, every case is individual and you will look younger regardless. This procedure can not stop you from aging but can lessen the appearance of your general sagginess and/or lines.

Originally cheek (malar) implants were used for reconstruction for birth defects and trauma related incidents. Now, they are being applied aesthetically to enhance a person's cheeks or to create symmetry within the facial structure. With cheek implants, the flatter face is transformed into one with chiseled features that can be very aesthetically pleasing.

There are also injectable options that do not create a bony structure but do augment the cheek area. Injectable fillers are often injected deep within the dermis and move when the skin and muscle moves. Permanent injectable fillers can not essentially be removed from the dermis without tissue excision if an infection, inflammation or discontent arises, Silicone and other implants, can be.