Should I pre-medicate before I have dental work, once I've had my Breast Augmentation?

Some may consider this a controversial subject and scoff at the idea of a bacteria-induced infection or case of Capsular Contracture (CC).

When an individual has dental work, even a routine cleaning, plaque and bacteria are released from their holds and introduced into the blood stream via your gum tissue. The gums are often lacerated, even slightly, during dental work creating a 'doorway' in which bacteria may enter.

When a significant amount of bacteria is present in the body, they will seek out weakness in the body to stronghold themselves and replicate. Any foreign presence within our bodies (i.e. breast implants, lip implants, hernia repair mesh, etc.) is a prime target for these infectious intruders.

Although it is not technically proven that dental work and Capsular Contracture (CC) are related there are increased instances of CC thereafter.

NOTE: It is even cautioned to those with pacemakers and aorta catheters to take antibiotics when going to the dentist so mammary implant recipients should be no different.