Admission Guide

Pre-Admission Procedure

Patient s and Medical travel patients are admitted to Bumrungrad International Hospital only on Physician’s recommendation. Patient s and Medical travel patients are brought into Admission Unit to seek information on ward accommodation and register themselves for their desired accommodation class. Read More

  • Patients and Medical travel patients will be instructed on the following:
  • Types of inpatient rooms
  • The Charge of Room, Service and Food on Discharge Day.
  • Estimated Cost of Operation/Procedure
  • Deposit
  • Various modes of payment accepted
  • Contract Company
  • No Permission to Go Outside the Hospital
  • Staying Overnight with Patient
  • Infection Control and Prevention / Patient Safety
  • Child Delivery
  • Policy about Medical Used in the Hospital
  • Inpatient Food
  • Valuables/Safe Box
  • Loss/damage of hospital property
  • Bringing equipment/tool to use in the hospital
  • Visa Reminder and Visa Extension

Admission Time

You are able to check-in anytime depending on Physician’s order and your procedure time. The charge of room, service and food per day are calculated starting from the first day of admission until 12:00 pm on the next day

Where to contact for admission

  • 7am – 8pm: When you arrive at the hospital, please contact the second floor of the hospital building to process your check-in and sign “Consent for Hospital Admission”
  • 8pm – 7am: When you arrive at the hospital, please contact the registrations desk, Emergency Room on the ground floor of the hospital building to process your check-in and sign “Consent for Hospital Admission”

What to Bring

  • Identity Card/passport
  • Any medical benefit card or letter of guarantee from your insurance company / Companies/Embassies

(Only applicable for insurance company/Companies/Embassies which have the contract agreement with Bumrungrad International Hospital)

Hospital Services & Facilities

To ensure your stay is comfortable, find out more about our Hospital Services & Facilities

Telephone Services

For your convenience, bedside telephones are available in all inpatient rooms.

  • Mobile phone call: Dial 9 + mobile phone number
  • 3 digits and 4 digits number call: Dial 9 + 3 digits and 4 digits number
  • Bangkok /perimeter call: Dial9 + 02 + phone number
  • Upcountry call: Dial 9 + Area code + phone number
  • Overseas call : Dial 9 + 001 + Country Code + Area Code + phone number

Room Entertainment

  • Television: Your room is equipped with a television that allows you to access free-to-air television channels and variety entertainment, and sports
  • Internet Access: You will be able to access the Internet with your unique password that it will be given when your check-in.

Meal Services

  • Inpatient Food: In order to get proper nutritional value and to conform to the physician’s treatment, Patients and Medical traveler patients should consume only the food provided by the hospital under our dietetic services. Eating freshly cooked meals is recommended.
  • Dining Options: A range of dining options is available for Patients and Medical traveler patients’ relatives and our guest on the campus of Bumrungrad International Hospital complex. Most of these outlets will deliver directly to your room with a simple phone call. Read More

Other Services

  • Housekeeping: Your room will be cleaned daily by our housekeeping. You can inform our ward nurses about any aspect of the housekeeping services.
  • Newspaper: A local newspaper will be delivered to your room daily.
  • Maintenance Requests: If you find anything is faulty, please inform our ward nurses known so we can get it repaired.
  • Security: Your safety and security are our utmost priority. Our in-house security provides 24-hour coverage
  • Fire Safety: The hospital has an automatic fire alarm system
  • No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited by law throughout the hospital complex.
  • Parking: Our car park is open 24 hours daily.

Nursing Services

For your safety and convenience, a nursing call handset will be placed by your bed, connecting you to our nursing staff 24 hours a day. Additional call bells are located in the bathroom. Should you require any assistance, our team of nurses and healthcare assistants will be happy to attend to you.

  • Patient Attendant: If you require the patient attendant services, please contact ward nurses; they will assist you to contact the contracted agency to allocate the Patient Attendant.

Visiting Information

We believe that family members and friends of the patients and Medical travel patients play an important role in the patient’s recovery process. Therefore, visitors are encouraged.

  • Visiting Time Regular Ward
    • Every patient in single room can enjoy visitors 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.
    • Visitors for patients in double room, four-bed rooms are recommended to keep visits to between the hours of 6.00 am. to 10.00 pm. to avoid disturbing other patients in the room.
    • After 10.00 pm. visitors must register at the nurse station. Visitors must be approved by the patient before a hospital staff accompanies then visitors to the patient’s room.
  • Visiting Time/Information: Critical Care Units
    • It is restricted from 9 am-12 am, 2 pm-10 pm (other hours will close by security door)
    • Only two visitors will enter a patient’s room at one time
    • Children under the age of 12 years are not permitted to visit patients (In case of critical patient, visiting will be considered case by case)
    • Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink or stay overnight in the critical care units
    • It is not prohibited to take photo or VDO in Critical Care Department
    • Avoid putting any flowers at critical care unit area.
    • Do not use cell phone in patient’s room or critical care unit area.

Business Center

Business Center provides variety of travel services, visa extension and business support to all patients and their families. Our aim is to ensure that the medical traveler patients and their families are well assisted on all their travel needs. Read More


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