Antenatal Class Schedule

Bumrungrad International English Antenatal Classes

To help prepare you for the arrival of your baby we invite our expecting parents to  attend our antenatal classes, taught by a certified instructor. Classes are held monthly and partners are encouraged to attend.

Session #1

  • The Physical changes and knowledge of pregnancy
  • Package, etc.

Session #2

  • Delivery ,Baby care
  • A tour of the labor and postpartum recovery rooms will follow the end of this session.
Our classes are most effective when taken in the right order and in the same month.
Classes are usually held in Conference Room 5 on the 21st floor of the Bumrungrad International Clinic Building and run from 3 pm. to 5pm.

Please contact TenderLove&
** Our classes are free for patients receiving antenatal care at Bumrungrad International, and are B. 1,000 per session per couple otherwise, to be transferred before the day of class.
Bangkok Bank account number 031-7-018000 (the account name will be Bumrungrad Hospital) and e-mail me proof of transfer as well as your name, address, and passport number. (This is mandated by the Revenue Department for issuance of receipt.) The cost is B. 1,000 per class per couple, which means it is B. 2,000 if you plan to attend both sessions. If you do not have a local bank account, you can stop at any Bangkok Bank to make the deposit at the teller or through the cash deposit machine.

Register at the Women's Center, 2nd Floor, Bumrungrad Hospital Building

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