Premier Eye Examination Package

Package Name  EYE 02
Premier Eye Examination Package
Cost*:THB 11,700
Approximate cost in:
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Premier Eye Examination Package 11,700 Baht (Includes doctor’s fee) 
The Premier Eye Examination Package offers comprehensive eye screening for detection of eye disorders
in their early stages, even while no symptoms are present, with the following clinical examinations: 


Premier Eye Examination Details:

  • General eye exam
  • Visual acuity test
  • Detection for color blindness
  • Intraocular pressure measurement exam
  • Corneal curvature ceasurement via auto keratometer
  • Refractive errors exam via autorefraction
  • Retina and macula exam via fundus camera
  • Exam of shape and appearance of the front of the eye, including cornea, iris and anterior chamber angle via anterior segment OTC
  • Measure retinal thickness and detection of retinal damage via posterior segment OTC
  • Visual field exam

Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices are valid until 31 December 2019.
  • Services are performed by participating doctors only.
  • The package price includes doctor’s fee, which refers to the costs associated with the interpretation of the test results. Treatment and additional consultations for any abnormality detected are not included in the package price.
  • Payment for the package cannot be made through partner companies or insurance companies. The package price is not subject to discounts or privileges that apply to partner companies or insurance companies.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

For any inquiries regarding the programs, please contact the Eye Center,
Bumrungrad International Clinic, 18th Floor
+66 2011 5999