Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery is a procedure in which the surface of the hip’s ball and socket joint is replaced with an artificial material. This procedure preserves the bones present in the hip joint, and is offered as an alternative to total hip replacement surgery. With this treatment method, only the surfaces of the joints are replaced.

Suitable Candidates for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery
Although Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery may be a desirable option for many, suitable candidates for the procedure are limited to those under the age of 65 years who have good bone quality.

Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery has lower rates of dislocation than standard hip replacement surgery. Furthermore, as patients who undergo the procedure are of a relatively younger age and have their hip bones preserved means that any revision surgeries could be done much easier than standard hip replacement.

Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery uses metal on metal components, which allows for an average lifespan of 10 years for 95.4% of patients, although in some cases, even up to 20-25 years.

Patients return from surgery with a large dressing on the hip area. They may be required to wear “anti-embolism” stockings to reduce the risk of developing blood clots. A small drainage tube will be placed during surgery to help drain excess fluids from the joint area. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are started immediately following surgery and continue throughout hospitalization and at home for one year after surgery. Additionally, periodical blood analyses to evaluate cobalt and chromium levels are performed.

Due to this being a surgical technique which requires highly-skilled specialists, there are currently only a handful of institutions offering the procedure in Thailand, Bumrungrad International being one of them.

Those who do seek out Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery must first have a physical examination and x-ray of their hip to determine the severity of the disease, and assess the version (angle) of the femoral neck in relation to the femur, as these factors can have an effect on the success rate of surgery.

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