Antenatal Class Schedule

Bumrungrad International English Antenatal Classes

Bumrungrad International English Antenatal Classes

To help you prepare for the arrival of your baby, we invite you to attend our antenatal classes, taught by a Bumrungrad International specialized physician, together with an experienced, overseas trained midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Sundays. Both mom and dad are encouraged to attend.

Session 1 – “Lecture: From Conception to Delivery

Date & Time: Tuesday 3-5 pm
Place:    21st floor, Bumrungrad International Clinic (BIC) Building
Instructor: Dr. Nopadol, who is a UK studied physician at Bumrungrad International. His clinical interest includes: labor care and vaginal birth after cesarean section.

  • Learning about your pregnancy and the physical changes you can expect
  • Going into Labor*Tour of the labor and postpartum recovery rooms follows the end of this session  

Session 2 – “Hands-On Practice"

Date & Time: Sunday 8.30-12.30 pm
Place: Conference Room 5
Instructor: The Best Beginning team, which offers the comprehensive prenatal and postnatal services and courses.

  • Breastfeeding your baby  
  • Caring for your newborn

Class fee:

Free of charge for patients receiving antenatal care at Bumrungrad International Hospital

2,000 THB per course per couple otherwise — which must be transferred prior to the day of the class.

Please contact: TenderLove&[email protected]

Payment can be transfered to Bangkok Bank Account Number: 031-7-018000 / Account Name: Bumrungrad Hospital

Please e-mail proof of transfer as well as your name, address, and passport number (this is mandated by the Revenue Department for issuance of receipt).

If you do not have a local bank account, you can stop by at any Bangkok Bank to make the deposit, either at the teller or through the cash deposit machine.

Register at the Women's Center, 2nd Floor, Bumrungrad Hospital Building


English Prenatal Class Schedule 2021

Session Session 1 Session 2
Day Tuesday Saturday
Time 3pm - 5pm 9am - 12:30pm
Place Room M. 1 Room M. 5
Instructor Dr. Noppadol
Ms. Rasee
Certified Doula


  Month in 2021 Session 1 - Date Session 2 - Date
  January 5 (2021) 9 (2021)
  February 16 (2021) 20 (2021)
  March  9 (2021) 20 (2021)
  April  *Thursday 8* (2021) Cancel Class
  May  4 (2021) 15 (2021)
  June 8 (2021) 19 (2021)
  July 6 (2021) 10 (2021)
  August 10 (2021) 14 (2021)
  September 7 (2021) 25 (2021)
  October 5 (2021) 30 (2021)
  November 9 (2021) 20 (2021)
  December 7 (2021) 18 (2021)

*Due to the recent spread of COVID-19, the Prenatal Class from May 9, 2021 will be temporarily suspended until further notice. The hospital recognizes that the health and safety of our customers are of the utmost priority. However, please stay tuned on our website for the updates.
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