Diagnostic Sleep Study

Package Name  DSS 1.1
Diagnostic Sleep Study
Cost*:THB 23,500
Approximate cost in:
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
This is a routine standard Diagnostic Sleep Study package to conduct observations on patients with sleeping disorders.  For example: Snoring; Breathlessness During Sleep; Insomnia, Restless Sleep; Startled Sleep Pattern; Spasms, Sleep Talking; Bed Wetting; Sleepiness during the day OR Dozing Off.  This is especially for patients with obesity problems; nasal infection; high blood pressure, diabetes; partial paralysis and total paralysis.  A machine examining the sleeping pattern of the patient will be attached to him in the Sleep Lab throughout the entire night.  All in all, the total numbers of examination will be 12 hours (inclusive of preparation hours).  Admission: 19:00 to Discharge: 07:00 the next morning.   

The Package Includes:

  • One Single Room Charge for the entire night and Nursing Care Service Charge  Breakfast
  • Sleep Study Machine Charge And Medical Equipment Charge
  • Medical Supplies necessary for the procedure
    • EKG electrode
    • EKG electrode cream
    • EKG skin prep
    • Collodion

The Package Excludes:

  • Doctor fee and consultation fee for outpatient visits before and after sleep study
  • All analysis costs e.g. Exam Fees in the Examination Room; Radiation etc…
  • Other costs that are not related to the Sleep Study Examination
  • Expenses incurred when performing the treatments as an inpatient
  • Medical Supply & Medicine costs for taking home   

Package Price: Single Room         23,500      Baht

Additional Charges:
Cases require measuring Sleepiness (Multiple Sleep Latency Test, MSLT) and Wakefulness (Maintenance Wakefulness Test, MWT).  These are programs to observe sleeping patterns on Sleepiness and Wakefulness in traumatized patients.  Problems include Drowsiness; Unconsciousness; Dozing Off, Daydreaming; Wobble limbs; Limbs immovable when awake.  The sleep study machine will be attached to the patient to observe the symptoms in the Sleep Lab throughout the whole night.  The whole of next day, the same patient will undergo the wakefulness and sleepiness study.  All in all, the whole study will take a total of 24 hours; including the preparation and examination hours.  There is an additional cost of 8,740 baht.

  • This Package Price is the final price offered to patients who settle the bill directly to the hospital only.  No discount of any kind may be applied to the package price.
  • Deposit: full amount deposit is required at the date of reservation by cash or credit card.
  • International patient can transfer the deposit via International payment as the attached document.
  • Local patient can transfer the deposit via Local (Domestic) payment as the attached document.
  • Confirmation of the appointment; kindly be informed that we will confirm the appointment via email and telephone with 7 days and 2-3 days prior to the appointment date. If the confirmation on the appointment is failed and the patient does not confirm the appointment 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, the hospital reserves the right to provide automatic cancellation and offer that slot to other patient who truly requires it.
  • Cancellation of the appointment, please inform the Hospital 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, if it is failed, the automatic cancellation will be applied.
  • Other expenses and consultation fee before and after the test are not included in this package.
  • This price is reserved for customers who have enrolled in the package between January 1st to December 31st, 2018 only.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.