Bumrungrad International REALCOST Information

REALCOST estimates are based on the actual invoices patients paid upon leaving our hospital. They include surgical fees, doctor’s fees, medicine, lab tests, room fees... the total bill for the incident of care.
Median: THB 
Low: THB 
Only about 1 in 4 cases
cost less than this.
High: THB 
Only about 1 in 4 cases
cost more than this.
This information is intended as a guideline based on past history and is not a guarantee of future costs. Actual costs will depend on your individual case and the cost of medicine and supplies at the time of service. We will provide you with a better estimate after our specialists have evaluated you.

If we offer a package price for the procedure, it is listed. Hospitals generally offer package prices for patients whose cases are straightforward, not complicated. Packages require that you meet specific criteria. Some doctors may not participate in the package program. If you’re not sure whether you qualify for a package price, be sure to ask in advance.

Costs are charged in Thai baht.