Plan your Visit to Bumrungrad

If you have never visited a hospital overseas, don't hesitate.  We see over 1,000 international patients every day, so we have plenty of experience in arranging everything from doctor's appointments to airport pick ups to hotel accommodations.  This page summarizes how you can plan your visit, along with what we can do to help.

Step 1. 
Get to know us


Our website is designed to answer most of your questions concerning our hospital and patients, our doctors and Bumrungrad as one of the top international hospitals in the world.  Get to know us quickly - watch our intro video.

Step 2. 
Selecting a doctor or asking for advice

Plan Visit
We have over 1,200 physicians, representing 55 specialties to choose from.  Our doctor search page will help you find the doctor who best meets your requirements.

Option 1) Contact the hospital directly

If you need help selecting a doctor or advice on treatment options, please use our Inquiry Form. This form helps us understand your requirements to respond more efficiently.  We will forward your inquiry to the appropriate medical professional who will then correspond with you in English.  You may use the same form to make follow-up inquiries.  

You can make a doctor appointment at Appointment Request page.  The webpage will display your doctor's schedule. We will process your request and confirm your appointment by email. For more info, please see FAQ Q.14

Option 2) Contact our International Referral Offices for extensive services in your local language 
International Referral Offices are independent entities working with Bumrungrad. As of 2015, Bumrungrad has 32 companies in 20 different countries.  The referral offices provide medical enquiries coordination and travel related information in your native languages. There are no additional fees on your hospital invoice for the services of Bumrungrad’s Referral Offices.    

Step 3. Arrange travel

We first suggest you to contact our International Referral Offices in your countries. If not available, please send your inquiries to

For travel information: Hotels near Bumrungrad and Travel map 

Live support
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