Hearing & Balance Comprehensive Test Program

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Hearing & Balance Comprehensive Test Program
Cost*:THB 17,400
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*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Hearing and Balance Test Programs


Maintaining a sense of balance depends on the brain effectively processing a variety of information from the eyes, nervous system and inner ears. These balance organs tell the brain about each body movement. Balance disorders are caused by abnormalities to the balance organ or inner ear, resulting in vertigo and loss of balance that increase the risk of falling in older people as well as leading to the potential for more serious accidents while driving a car or using a machine.

Importance of Balance Tests

Hearing and balance disorders are not only symptoms of old age. A variety of complicated medical conditions can also be contributing factors. As a result, treatment will be more effective and efficient if the conditions are diagnosed early. Hearing and balance tests are the most effective means of detecting these conditions in their early stages.

People Eligible for these Programs

  • Group 1: People who have not experienced symptoms, but require basic screening tests of their hearing and balance system
Recommended program: Hearing & Balance Basic Test Program

  • Group 2: People who have experienced hearing and balance disorders, and require diagnosis based on the following symptoms: 
Recommended program: Hearing & Balance Comprehensive Test Program

Hearing & Balance Comprehensive Test Program Price 17,400 (THB)*


  • Hearing Tests are used to measure hearing ability and evaluate the degree of hearing loss at each frequency for each ear.
  • Posturography is a technique used to quantify postural control in different conditions by using computerized posturography.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) is a neurologic test of auditory brainstem functioning used to estimate hearing sensitivity and identify neurological abnormalities.
  • Electrocochleography (ECOG) is a diagnostic test that examines the function of the inner ear and detects disorders, including Meniere’s disease.

    *Program price does not include:

    • Doctor’s fee
    • Expenses in addition to the program
    • In-patient expenses
    • Home medications and supplies


    • Payment for the program cannot be made through partner companies and insurance companies. The program prices are not subject to discounts or privileges that apply to partner companies and insurance companies.
    • Fasting (going without food or drink) is not necessary before testing.
    • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

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