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Bone and Joint Health

Welcome to BETTER Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International Hospital. Our magazine’s main mission is to provide useful and timely health-related information for our readers, in order to promote better health.

Highlights from This Issue


We begin this issue with a look at osteoarthritis and its treatment options, focusing on arthroplasty. Arthroplasty is the latest innovation in osteoarthritis technology, and it’s proving to meet patients’ higher expectations for successful outcomes. We also explore the topic of preparing for a triathlon, an increasingly popular sport for those who want to stay in great shape while also challenging their minds and bodies.

When traditional surgery is not enough to treat osteoarthritis

Successful artificial joint replacement means not only a safe surgery but also a procedure that helps patients regain a high quality of life today and in the future.

13 years of Rak Jai Thai (healing hearts) program: 735 hearts healed

This excerpt is from a short film, “Hua Jai Tong Soo (Against All Odds),” the true story of Sarayut Samrit, one of Rak Jai Thai’s (Healing Hearts) young patients with congenital heart disease. The program paid for his heart surgery, giving him a new life.

The critical hour

Minimizing the long-term effects of stroke requires fast action, an important lesson the Thanaratsuthikul family learned during the most critical moments of their mother’s stroke.

Triathlon: Can you do it?

When it comes to physical conditioning, jogging and push-ups are all well and fine – but the real challenge is in pushing one’s abilities further than they thought they could, and a Triathlon can be just the ticket. The word “triathlon” originates in Greek, meaning “three sports.” Triathlons require rigorous physical and mental preparedness to ensure safety and fun. In this issue of Better Health, we’ve gathered the information you’ll need to put yourself on the track to a successful triathlon.

Protect yourself from Shingles

People over 65 years are most likely to contract shingles, but older patients can manage the risk of contracting this disease and can reduce its severity if it does occur.

Get to know our doctors

Providing the highest standard of patient care requires a hospital-wide commitment and professional expertise. Here are four of Bumrungrad’s outstanding and internationally-accredited physicians with advanced training in their sub-specialties sharing their thoughts on a range of healthcare topics.

Nutrition to boost bone and joint health

Bone and joint pain are often present in the lives of the elderly, but such problems can’t always be avoided. Instead, it’s better to strengthen one’s joint and bone health while still young.

The more you run, the denser your bones become

Spanish researchers have analyzed the effect of endurance running training on the stiffness index. The results confirm that longer race distances support improved bone strength.

Q & A

Better Health always provides you accurate and reliable health information. The questions we receive are only answered by physicians and medical specialists.

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