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Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International Hospital.

It seems that most people want to live a long life, but how many are willing to make the extra effort in maintaining their physical health in order to ensure it? In this issue of Better Health, we focus on the health of seniors, with the aim to help elders, their families, and their friends prepare for “sunset years” of health and happiness.

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In this issue of Better Health, we focus on the health of seniors, with the aim to help elders, their families, and their friends prepare for “sunset years” of health and happiness.

Living a Long and Happy Life

Long life is priceless. You are given the extra time to experience more that the world has to offer. Seems true enough, but only if you have one thing – your health. A long life, but with deteriorating health, leads to dependence on others – the antithesis of freedom and enjoyment. Can older persons expect to have a good quality of life longer into their later years? The answer awaits you in this edition of Better Health.

Health Problems of the Older Person

Armed with proper knowledge about what health changes to expect in older age, along with proper prevention, care, and planning, older persons can live longer and healthier lives. As people age, tissues and organs deteriorate, causing inevitable health problems. Knowing what to expect and how to take action in preventing or minimizing problems leads to overall better health in the senior years.

A Healthy Mouth Leads to a Healthy Life

Maintaining excellent oral health supports your overall health and life quality much more than you might expect. Thus, geriatric dentistry is a key component of Bumrungrad’s multidisciplinary team that provides holistic health care to elders. Our geriatric dental professionals provide care for seniors with a variety of oral health programs, whether simply for maintenance or for more serious conditions. Better Health talks with Dr. Matana Kettratad D.D.S., who is specially trained in geriatric dentistry. Her practice focuses on age-related oral diseases and preventative oral health care.

Protect and Prevent, for a Lifetime of Healthy Skin

Changes in the skin are possibly the most visible signs of aging. However, age is not the only factor that impacts skin health, explains Dr. Nussra Wongrattanapasson, dermatologist and aesthetics expert to Better Health.

Get to Know Our Doctors

Meet four Bumrungrad physicians who share their thoughts on a range of healthcare topics. Providing the highest standards of patient care requires a hospital-wide commitment and professional expertise. Bumrungrad’s medical staff includes over 1,300 world-class doctors of the highest caliber, with outstanding professional credentials and advanced training across the full spectrum of medical sub-specialties.

Good Health Is Available for All Ages

Good health is the ultimate goal for elderly people in their retirement, which should be a time of enjoyable rest and recreation. At the New Life Healthy Aging Clinic we provide useful advice for elderly healthcare. With the aim to maintain good health for our patients, our four practices are simple and easy to follow: attentive nutrition, regular exercise, annual health check-up, and vaccination for immunity.

Health Briefs

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Q & A

Caregiving for an elderly person who struggles with an illness or depression takes a toll on the caregivers. Remember, caregivers need care, too. These suggestions will help you provide effective and compassionate service and support to your elder, while maintaining your own physical and mental health.

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