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Cardiac arrhythmia, which in some circumstances can be considered harmless, can also present a very real danger. An irregular heart rhythm can be caused by certain kinds of heart disorder, and if left untreated an arrhythmia can pose a serious threat to a patient’s future health. In this issue, we pay special attention to cardiac arrhythmia, starting on page 4.

The treatment of cardiac arrhythmia is developing in the light of new research and technology, and the condition can be successfully cured. An important development is the electrophysiology study, which you can read about on page 6. Page 10 has an article discussing the misconceptions about heart disease.

Myocardial infarction remains one of the leading causes of death in Thailand and worldwide. Our feature on page 16 briefs readers on how self-observation and the immediate seeking of medical help can make a profound difference.

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Dr. Jitra Anuras
Senior-Associate Medical Director

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