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News from Bumrungrad International




Bumrungrad's Rak Talay Thai celebrates opening of Sea Turtle hospital

Rak Talay Thai, a Bumrungrad-sponsored charity program created to safeguard Thailand’s vulnerable sea turtle population, celebrated the opening of the Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Center under Royal Patronage. Bumrungrad representatives, led by Mr. Mack Banner, Hospital CEO, donated medical supplies to Naval Commander Kwanmuang Karestri, the center’s Assistant Operations Supervisor.

After a tour of hospital operations, executives spent the day supporting the center’s ongoing projects, including releasing healthy turtles back to the sea and assisting with mangrove and wetlands restoration efforts. The  to the Healthier Society program.


Bone Discovery public exhibition highlights innovative technologies

Bumrungrad’s management team, led by Hospital Medical Director, together with celebrities Nan Chalita Fuengarom, Kai Pasit Apinyawat, and Asia wakeboarding champion Thanatorn Ratanachai, marked the launch of the Bone Discovery Exhibition at Bangkok’s Emporium shopping center. The exhibition gave the general public an inside look at the innovative technologies being used to diagnose and treat bone and orthopedic conditions.

Bumrungrad and Thammasat launch joint medical education initiative


Dr. Sinn Anuras, Bumrungrad’s Group Medical Director (pictured, first from right), and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kammal Kumar Pava, M.D., Acting Dean of Thammasat University’s Chulabhorn International College of Medicine (second from right), signed a joint cooperation agreement recently. The two parties will join forces on a range of initiatives to further strengthen graduate and post-graduate medical education programs.

The agreement marks the beginning of a public sector/private sector partnership to achieve international standards for medical science and healthcare delivery for Thai and foreign patients alike as the region prepares to welcome the new ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) era.

Healing hearts with Rak Jai Thai


Ten years ago, Bumrungrad International, in conjunction with the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation, established Rak Jai Thai, a charity program to provide no-cost heart surgeries for needy Thai children who lacked the resources or access to much-needed cardiac surgeries. Since 2003, volunteer Bumrungrad doctors and medical staff have helped heal more than 676 needy patients.

Donations from the public are greatly appreciated. If you’d like to support the program, donations can be made in the following ways:

  • Via bank transfer to the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation (Bangkok Bank savings account # 197-0-111157, North Nana branch); or
  • Online at www.bumrungrad.com/onlinedonation

Please submit a copy of the transfer confirmation slip to Bumrungrad’s accounting department (located on the 4th floor of the main hospital building) or by fax to 0 2667 2031.


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