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Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International Hospital.

The brain is the body’s most important and complex organ. It is responsible for every aspect and activity of everyday living. This issue of Better Health devotes special attention on the most serious threats to brain health.

Highlights from This Issue


Brain disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and stroke cause tremendous loss of life and permanent disability. Becoming aware of one’s personal risk factors, and understanding the importance of earlier diagnosis and treatment, can help prevent brain disorders and reduce their severity if they occur.

Dementia & Alzheimer's : Helping Patients and Caregivers

Earlier intervention offers better options to boost quality of life for patients who have degenerative brain disorders.

Cerebral Aneurysm : What You Should Know About Hemorrhagic Stroke

Each year, cerebral aneurysms cause death and permanent damage to millions around the world. Here’s what you should know about the causes of hemorrhagic stroke, and what to do when a stroke occurs.

Q & A

According to the World Stroke Organization (WSO), stroke claims a life every six seconds. Stroke prevention starts with reducing risk factors, recognizing the warning signs of stroke, and knowing what to do if a stroke occurs. In this edition of Q&A, Dr. Kessarin Panichpisal, a vascular neurology specialist at Bumrungrad, answers reader questions about this serious health threat.

Helping Parents & Kids Tackle the Challenges of Epilepsy

Epileptic seizures in children may appear alarming, but they’re not necessarily dangerous. With the proper knowledge, parents can help their kids manage and cope more effectively with the challenges of childhood epilepsy.

Controlling Hypertension Now May Keep Alzheimer's Away Later in Life

A recently-completed US study, the results of which were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology , showed a connection between controlling or preventing hypertension and other risk factors earlier in life and limiting the damaging brain changes caused by age-related neurological diseases including Alzheimer's.

M.D. Focus

Providing the highest standards of patient care requires a hospital-wide commitment and professional expertise. Bumrungrad’s medical staff includes over 1,000 world class doctors of the highest caliber, with outstanding professional credentials and advanced training across the full spectrum of medical sub-specialties.

Parkinson's Disease: The Case for Earlier Detection

As populations continue to age, more families are being touched by Parkinson’s disease. Though the condition remains incurable, earlier detection and expert care are giving patients more effective treatment options and better life quality.

News from Bumrungrad International

After a tour of hospital operations, executives spent the day supporting the center’s ongoing projects, including releasing healthy turtles back to the sea and assisting with mangrove and wetlands restoration efforts. The Rak Talay Thai initiative is part of Bumrungrad’s contribution to the Healthier Society program.