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Cancer Treatments: New + Better + Safer

Cancer Treatments: New + Better + Safer

In this issue of , we’re devoting special attention to advances in cancer knowledge and treatment that have yielded significant benefits for patients battling the disease. Our coverage features a report on treatment trends, including targeted therapy and half-identical stem cell transplantation, a procedure already helping many patients with leukemia.

Highlights from This Issue


Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International Hospital. Every life lost to cancer is felt by many people. When you consider that cancer will claim another 11 million lives by the year 2030, it would be hard to deny that the disease is a formidable threat not to be underestimated.

Cancer Treatment Trends

New technologies, advanced techniques, and scientific breakthroughs are revolutionizing treatments and making the fight against cancer more winnable than ever.

Half Identical Stem Cell Transplantation

The doctor who introduced half-identical stem cell transplantation to Thailand explains how the new procedure is helping defeat one of the most formidable types of cancer.

Nutrition & Cancer

Nutrition plays vital role for patients battling cancer.

Good nutrition habits are helping cancer patients overcome treatment side effects while boosting their immune systems.

Cancer Myths

Information about cancer has never been more available and abundant at the click of a mouse.


The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan has highlighted the complex issues surrounding nuclear power and radiation & dual role as a potential cause of harm and a source of life-saving cancer treatments.

M.D. Focus

Get to know our doctors

Meet four Bumrungrad physicians as they share their thoughts on a range of health care topics. Providing the highest standards of patient care requires a hospital-wide commitment and professional expertise.

Health Briefs

There's more bad news about the dangers of diabetes; cancer has been added to the growing list of serious health threats caused by diabetes.

Q & A

While most people have at least a basic knowledge about cancer, it's still a subject that causes plenty of fear and misconceptions. Better Health invited Dr. Suthida Suwannavecho, an oncologist and hematologist, to answer readers' cancer-related questions.

News from Bumrungrad International

The gift received with heartfelt thanks.The charitable program “Bumrungrad Rak Jai Thai welcomes donations from the public in support of its efforts to help needy heart disease patients receive critical medical treatment.

Bumrungrad playground donation  a big hit with Bangkok's neediest kids.Bangkok’s Makkasan Community Children’s Pre-school Center gave a warm welcome to Bumrungrad executives as they laid the final tiles marking the completion of the center’s new playground surface.

Perinatal Center celebrates grand opening at Bumrungrad.
Bumrungrad International Hospital celebrated the opening of its new Perinatal Center to provide critical care for high-risk pregnancy women and newborns requiring specialist neonatal care.