2009 > VitalLife Anti Aging Edition

VitalLife Anti Aging Edition: Staying Young with Proper Care

VitalLife Anti Aging Edition

Vitallife offers a full range of programs to suit every need of every age, and from this experience comes a wealth of knowledge we would like to share with you.

The following collection of articles have been adapted from stories in the Bangkok Post newspapers, written by our specialized doctors.

Please feel free to browse the articles to help you understand more ways to prolong your life through proper care and preventative maintenance for your body and mind.

Highlights from This Issue


Medicinal effective mushrooms are known as some of the most potent immune boosters and disease fighters. They act by increasing immune activity and immune cell numbers in the defense of viral infection and cancer.  They have also shown    cardiovascular protective effects, helping heart patients to avoid a recurrence or worsening of their disease.  With their content of vitamins and minerals, they have additional effects on diabetes type II, and show anti inflammatory properties.

Resveratrol - the Power of Red Wine: Longevity and Antioxidants

In recent years, resveratrol, an ingredient in fermented wine grapes, has become a hot topic. From its cancer fighting properties, being a strong antioxidant, helping reduce weight and lowering Diabetes type II risk as well as cardiovascular health risks to extending lifespan power, this tiny molecule seems to be a miracle.

Numerous studies have been conducted regarding various purported resveratrol benefits. Studies have primarily been conducted on laboratory animals, while human research is also very promising.

It’s About Time … To Be Beautiful Without Pain

How you look on the outside is often a reflection of your overall health.  This is a reason why the mantra, “You are what you eat,” continues to be such a famous quote. 

It is true that you can improve fitness and stay firm by choosing a balanced and healthy diet, drinking lots of water, getting adequate sleep and exercising regularly. It is also true that eating natural and unprocessed foods, and making sure that your diet contains adequate healthy fats are essential in achieving youthful skin. But are they enough to keep you   looking your best if you routinely experience an overbooked calendar, stress at work, bad traffic, pollution, and little time to eat properly?

It's About Time ... To Get Moving

Exercising has become an integral life activity, especially for
people living in cosmopolitan areas where both being and looking fit are much sought after.

However, we now know that a 30-minute generic workout three days a week and reducing fat and carbohydrate intake,  which was the standard recommended for decades, may not be enough to achieve the results desired.