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Heart Health: Beating cardiovascular disease

Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International.

In this issue, we’re devoting special attention to the body’s most important and hardest working organ – the heart. Over the course of an average lifetime, the heart will beat more than two billion times.

Highlights from This Issue

Knowledge Is Power in the Fight Against Heart Disease

Heart disease is a serious health threat, but it’s preventable. Gaining greater knowledge about its causes is key to a successful prevention strategy.

Take Action When Chest Pain Strikes

We all experience occasional aches and pains that turn out to be harmless. But chest pain is different, and failure to take quick action can have deadly consequences.

New Technologies Lead the Fight Against Heart Disease

Millions of lives are lost every year to heart disease. Leading-edge technologies are giving doctors more effective tools for diagnosing and treating this very serious health threat.

Eight Steps to a Healthier Heart

Is heart disease in your future? About four in every ten people will die from a cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for men and women. Cardiovascular diseases are most often caused by therosclerosis, the gradual buildup of plaque inside the arteries that impairs the healthy flow of blood to and from the heart.

Q & A

While poor nutrition habits and sedentary lifestyles are among the leading causes of heart disease, a host of other factors can increase one’s risk of developing serious heart problems. Here we answer readers’ questions about heart disease and how to prevent it.

Exercise Your Way to a Healthier Heart

Exercise is not only good for our overall health; it’s one of the best things we can do to promote a healthier heart. Here’s a look at the best exercises for the heart.

Health Briefs - Smoking and Heart Disease

The list of reasons to stop smoking keeps getting longer. A recent study from the Netherlands reported that smokers and ex-smokers are at greater risk of developing the heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation (AF).

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