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Cancer Prevention: Knowledge and Technology.

Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International.

In this issue, we’re devoting special attention to cancer prevention. Cancer is something almost everyone fears and nobody wants to think about. But with significant progress in recent years in knowledge and technology, cancer is now more preventable, detectable and treatable than ever before.

Highlights from This Issue

Preventing Cancer Requires a Plan

Cancer can strike anyone. But having an effective prevention and screening plan can move the odds significantly in your favor.


While poor nutrition habits and sedentary lifestyles are among the leading causes of heart disease, a host of other factors can increase one’s risk of developing serious heart problems. Here we answer readers’ questions about heart disease and how to prevent it.

Fibroscan Takes the Non-Invasive Approach to Liver Diagnostics

Thanks to advances in technology, liver fibrosis evaluation is now easier, faster and painless.

Bumrungrad's New Inpatient Suites Set the Standard in Comfort, Convenience and Care

The newly-designed suites combine the comforts of home and the latest technology to deliver an enhanced inpatient experience.

Are You Eating Your Way to Cancer?

Some of your favorite foods may be putting you at greater risk for getting cancer. Here are the important things you need to know about which foods to avoid, and which ones to include in your cancer prevention plan.

Cancer Detection: The Earlier, the Better

Periodic check-ups, screening tests and self-exams can make a huge difference in earlier cancer detection.

Health Briefs - New Treatment for Fighting Cancer Cells

Study shows new “decoy” cells effective in fighting cancer cells

News from Bumrungrad International

Khun Chai Sophonpanich, Chairman of Bumrungrad International (pictured, fourth from left), on behalf of the Board of Directors, recently congratulated Bumrungrad's management at the Thailand Quality Awards 2008 presentation.