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News from Bumrungrad International

Bumrungrad receives “Best Practice Workplace” award

Bumrungrad International hospital recently won the “Best Practice Workplace for Labour Relations and Labour Welfare” award in the “large enterprise without Federation of Labour Union” category by Thailand’s Ministry of Labour.

The award recognizes the hospital’s commitment to promoting staff welfare and development. Bumrungrad’s more than 3,300 employees provide outstanding service to over a million Thai and international patients each year.

Get healthy with Bumrungrad’s Healthy Living Club
The Healthy Living Club by Bumrungrad International has launched a new Healthy Living Corner, featuring a range of club member activities promoting healthier living and wellbeing.

The campaign kicked off with an event focused on healthier skin and included expert advice from Dr. Nussra Wonrattanapasson -- one of the hospital’s noted dermatology experts -- plus a free facial skin evaluation from the Vitallife Wellness Center.

Healthy Living Club members and their families were all smiles after taking part in the “laughter therapy” workshop. The event included a session led by Dr. Chaianan Chaiyamanon, a Bumrungrad cardiologist, who discussed the role laughter can play in helping patients with high blood pressure, and a fun-filled presentation from Dr. Wallop Piyamanotham, a renowned psychologist and specialist in laughter therapy. Healthy Living Corner activities are among the exclusive privileges for Healthy Living Club members.
Yes, you can change a child's life!
It takes less than US$5,000 to save the life of a child suffering from a congenital heart defect. About eight in every 1,000 new babies are born with unpreventable congenital heart defects. Today’s advanced high-tech surgical techniques are highly effective at repairing defects; a successful operation makes a tremendous, lasting difference in a child’s future health prospects.
These types of operations can cost well over US$100,000 at a typical U.S. hospital. The same operation at Bumrungrad usually costs less than US$12,000 -- one-eighth the U.S. cost. But that’s still an unaffordable amount for most rural children.
Four years ago, the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation launched a program to donate free heart surgeries for underprivileged Thai children. So far, nearly 300 life-changing operations have been performed, and the program continues to provide an average of two operations each week.

But that’s still not enough; more children still need help. Your company or organization can make it possible for a child suffering from a heart defect to get surgery with a donation of US$4,900. Bumrungrad will subsidize the remaining 60% of the cost. Our screening program recruits candidates from a network of upcountry hospitals. With your help, we will say: “find us one more.”

If you or your organization would like to make this part of a charity drive, Bumrungrad can support your efforts with presentations and other communication materials. Please think about it. Together, we can change a child’s life.

The “Rak Jai Thai” or “Love Thai Hearts” program is a joint effort of the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation, the Cardiac Children Foundation of Thailand, and Thailand’s National Health Security Office.

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