2008 > High Performance

High Performance: New Technologies and Treatments for Healthier Bones

There's no denying that technology has had a powerful impact on nearly every aspect of modern life, healthcare included. In this issue of Better Health, we look at some of the exciting advances in medical technology and treatment that treat serious conditions with less trauma and better outcomes.

Highlights from This Issue

Joint Revolution: Technology and Innovation Deliver New Treatments for Painful Bones

Joint replacement and other recent advances are restoring quality of life to millions who suffer from painful bone conditions.

Image-Guided Navigation System Points the Way to Hi-Tech Surgery Success

Advanced computer navigation technology is helping surgeons perform successful joint replacement and other procedures with greater accuracy and success.

New T.V. Show adds Fun to Keep Viewers in Better Health

Ta Lui Rong Mor the new weekly program sponsored by Bumrungrad International, takes a lighthearted and fun approach to the serious goal of preventing illness and living healthier.

Hepatitis B Threat Grows for Millions in Thailand and Asia

Despite the availability of a highly-effective vaccine, hepatitis B has infected more than 9 million Thais, and 350 million worldwide. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your family from this serious health threat.

Q & A - Menopause

I am a 43-year old “post-menopausal” Thai woman. Since menopause, I have very little energy and feel tired all the time. Is this a normal part of menopause? And is there something that can be done to help?