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Women's Health: Women's Health

In this issue we’re devoting special attention to health issues affecting women. Looking and feeling our best is a challenge for almost every woman. Our skin is often the first place we notice damage caused by the environment, less-than-healthy living, and the again process. Our feature beginning on page 4 look at what women can do to achieve healthier, more youthful looking skin, and how new and more effective surgical and non-surgical treatments are helping repair skin damage and recapture a youthful appearance.

Highlights from This Issue

Skin and Beauty: Looking Good, Feeling Good from the Outside In

Keeping skin healthy and youthful isn't easy, but it is possible. And a host of new treatments help repair damaged skin and slow the visible effects of the aging process.

Reproductive Health: Keeping Problems “Private” Can Hide Serious Health Issues

Many women suffer in silence rather than discuss the awkward issues of reproductive health. Better Health spoke with a leading OB/GYN specialist about the important issues every woman should know about.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Planning for a healthy baby should start well before pregnancy. Here’s a look at the pre-conception health issues every mother-to-be (and father-to-be) should know about.

Stroke: The Silent, Deadly Threat

While stroke is the leading killer of women in Thailand, and the third-leading cause of all deaths worldwide, most women are unaware of its causes and what they can do to reduce their own stroke risk.

Health Briefs - Women's Issues

Sleep Strengthens Your Memory.

Remember this: Getting eight hours of sleep each night can keep your memory healthy. That’s the finding of a recent study by the American Academy of Neurology.

Q & A - Weight & Heartburn

Q: I am a 45-year old woman in good health, but I’m not as thin as I used to be. What’s the best way to tell if my weight is still within a healthy range?