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Pain Management

The fast-growing mediacl specialty of pain management brings a variety of resources and approaches ti helping acute and chronic pain sufferers.

Winning Against Cancer

It's a fact: 1 out of every 3 people will get cancer at some point in their life. That’s enough to strike fear in almost anyone. The good news is, new treatments, medical breakthroughs, and a deeper understanding of the disease have combined to make surviving cancer much more likely.

Live Your Healthiest Life Real-life success stories with lasting rewards.

As a new year begins, many people are planning to make healthy changes to their daily lives. Some are planning to join a gym, while others will start new diets. For many of us, putting those “healthier living” plans into action and sticking to them proves too difficult, and we end up back where we started. Living a healthier lifestyle is within anyone’s reach

Skin and Beauty: Looking Good, Feeling Good from the Outside In

Keeping skin healthy and youthful isn't easy, but it is possible. And a host of new treatments help repair damaged skin and slow the visible effects of the aging process.

Can Fast Food be Healthy Food?

Besides the choices you make each meal, being aware of your day-to-day food habits can have a healthy influence on your diet. Some people don’t notice that they’ve had Khao-Phad-Kraprao (basil fried rice) four or five times this week, said Khun Somsri.  This doesn’t mean that Khao-Phad-Kraprao isn’t good for your health. But it can be dangerous to eat the same food nearly everyday, because there’s a risk of your body building up harmful levels of chemicals from that particular food.

Signs of Progress in the Battle Against Migraines

Signs of Progress in the Battle Against Migraines.

Progess is being made to help the nearly 1 in 10 people whosuffer the extream pain of migraine headaches.

Breakthrough: The Cervical Cancer Vaccine

The world’s first-ever cancer vaccine is generating great excitement. The new vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer by protecting women from the human papillomavirus (HPV), is now available in Thailand and many other countries. Here’s a look at the important questions being asked about this exciting medical breakthrough against one of the most dangerous cancers among women.

Reproductive Health: Keeping Problems “Private” Can Hide Serious Health Issues

Many women suffer in silence rather than discuss the awkward issues of reproductive health. Better Health spoke with a leading OB/GYN specialist about the important issues every woman should know about.

Prevention: 10 Ways to Lower Your Cancer Risk

Prevention is the best cure for cancer. Start reducing your risk today with these simple ideas. cancer rarely discriminates. It affects young and old, men and women, rich and poor. In the world’s most developed nations, and in the least, several types of cancer rank among the major causes of death. The good news is, we’re learning more and more about what causes cancer and how to prevent it. Here are 10 steps you can take now to increase your chances of living a life that’s cancer-free.

Banishing Back Pain

Nearly every adult will experience some type of back pain, and it can be excruciating. The good news is, back pain is often preventable, and there are new and better ways for treating it

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