Gender-Affirming Medical Treatment


Gender-affirming Medical Treatment

At the Pride Clinic, we offer gender-affirming medical treatment tailored to individuals of all age groups. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet your specific needs, providing the support and care necessary for your gender-affirming journey.

Hormone Therapy

Our experienced healthcare professionals specialize in hormone therapy for transgender and non-binary individuals. We offer a range of hormone options, including testosterone for masculinization as well as estrogen or anti-androgens for feminization. Our team closely monitors hormone levels and adjusts treatment plans with you to ensure safe and effective results.

Puberty Blockers

For transgender youth, we provide puberty blockers as a reversible option to temporarily pause puberty. This can offer valuable time for individuals to explore their gender identity without the distress of developing secondary sex characteristics that do not align with their true selves.

Reproductive Health Care

Our healthcare professionals provide guidance and support for reproductive healthcare options that align with your gender identity. This may include discussions about fertility preservation, contraception  and family planning.

Preventive Care

As part of our commitment to your overall health, we offer comprehensive preventive care services. Regular check-ups, screenings, vaccination and health counseling are vital to ensure your well-being and address any potential health concerns proactively.

Transgender Medicine Physician


Our transgender medicine physicians team provide you with comprehensive care. We understand that gender-affirming medical treatment encompasses a wide range of needs, and we ensure that you receive the appropriate care and expertise every step of the way.

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